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Why Buy Your Instrument From HeadlessUSA?

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Musicians often ask us why they should consider purchasing their "dream" Steinberger guitar or bass from HeadlessUSA, and not from some anonymous private internet or "e-bay" seller?

For those who have never waded into the murky waters of the "bay", we can advise you that these can be very risky and dangerous seas to dip your toes into. We have bought and sold hundreds of Steinbergers over the last 30 years, and what is commonly not understood, is that these are VERY complex and carefully engineered, high performance instruments. Feel free to visit our Museum Gallery to view many examples of the beautiful guitars and basses that we’ve acquired.

We regularly encounter Steinberger guitars and basses that are represented on the internet as being in "Great Condition!" that require MANY hundreds of dollars of repairs to return to them to correct and playable condition.

This is most often not because the instrument is being "intentionally" misrepresented, but is due to the fact that the seller is just not aware of the great complexity of these guitars and basses..
For example, we virtually NEVER encounter a TransTrem-equipped guitar that has its tremolo functioning properly and up to original factory specifications. Almost every TransTrem that we see needs a minimum of a bearing replacement and most also require complete disassembly, cleaning, and a "re-build".

These high performance, vintage Steinberger guitars and basses are simply MUCH more complex and sophisticated than the (considerably more basic) 50's designed classics, such as the Strat and the Les Paul.

The number of TRULY qualified Steinberger technicians available today can be counted on one hand, and we are proud to have Jeff Babicz, the former head of production and quality control at the Steinberger factory in Newburgh , N.Y. on our staff. Jeff was also in charge of the fretting department at the factory for many years, and has probably done more Steinberger re-frets than any other technician on earth. For more info on Jeff's work at Steinberger Sound please click HERE. Check out our Restoration Gallery to see some examples of the kind of work we do.

If you plan to actually PLAY your guitar, rather than just staring at it lovingly as it hangs on your wall, having your instrument properly serviced and adjusted will most certainly prove extremely important to your long-term enjoyment and satisfaction. EVERY guitar and bass sold by HeadlessUSA is inspected in fine detail by one of our Steinberger-trained technicians, and ANY repairs needed, parts required, fret-work, etc, are completed before shipping. PLUS we offer a 72 hour approval privilege on all of our instrument sales. Considering that most used/vintage dealers only allow a 24 or 48 hour approval period, we feel this gives our customers ample time to inspect their newly purchased instrument. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we pride ourselves on our impeccable and truly world-class work. Please review our Customer Testimonial section to see what some of our MANY satisfied clients have to say. We love what we do, and it shows.
As always, if you have any questions, please just give us a call or e-mail.

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