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We thought you'd enjoy meeting some of our many satisfied customers. Their stories are all true and in their own words. You too can join our long list of clients and be world-famous. Simply purchase your next guitar or bass from us, send us your photo and story, and you're in. What an inexpensive way to gain fame and notoriety!

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Our head technician is Jeff Babicz, who was employed at the original Steinberger factory in Newburgh, NY for over 10 years and worked his way up through the ranks to become the senior production manager at the factory. For more info on Jeff's work at Steinberger Sound please click HERE.
Well my story with Steinberger guitars began in the 80’s. Reading about the transtrem  system  and seeing artists using them fueled my desire to get my hands on one.  The Headless guitar was in my sights. Fortunately for me in 1987, I knew someone in the industry that could hook up a deal for me to get a GL-4T shipped to a store on Long Island, NY where I lived. I remember the excitement I felt that day driving home with one of the coolest guitars on the market. Well I played that guitar for a bunch of years at all kinds of venues, enjoying every minute. Fast forward to the 2020’s and my Steinberger was in bad need of some TLC. It had been road worn, frets pretty much worn to the point of no return. At this point it had been neglected and sat quietly waiting for me to rediscover its greatness.
                Lucky for me again, I found Headless USA with Don Greenwald and Jeff Babicz. After speaking at length with Don about what I thought needed to be done to get this instrument back in shape. He assured me that Jeff was the guy to be doing any work on this guitar. I agreed whole heartedly. So, I  decided to bring this treasured axe to them for some badly needed TLC. 
                First, I need to say that Don is so very knowledgeable about these guitars; there was no doubt that I was doing the right thing.  He was wonderful to deal with, answering my every question and making me feel comfortable at every step. He was very patient with me. These are not traits every businessman possesses; But Don has all of these qualities and more.
                Then some words to the workmanship of Jeff Babicz. All I can say is WOW !! This guitar has been totally restored, to a point of Excellence that I didn’t think was possible . . .  Um I actually think it plays better now than the day I first picked it up, if you can imagine that. Since I have been playing it again, Countless people have asked me if this is a new guitar. I just laugh and say no . .  . . it’s a new old guitar from 1987. It has been Restored to its glory proudly by Don Greenwald and Jeff Babicz at Headless USA.
It should be noted that:  This is a “5 STAR REVIEW”.  I could not have asked for a better experience.
A Very Special Thank You to Don and Jeff for doing what you do . . . and doing it so well.
All the Best to you Both.
Joe Weinman
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I finally got a chance to plug in the bass just through my Marshall amp for giggles…

No Bass has ever sounded this good through the 100 watt...just plain WOW.

Between you and Jeff, fantastic work my friend.


Tod Howarth


The gallery attached displays only a few of the MANY Steinbergers Tod has acquired from us. The blue, green, and orange Steinbergers are custom guitars made specially for Tod, one of our most loyal clients. His favorite model is the GM1TA. We are so proud to create such beauties for him!
I had wanted a Steinberger ever since I had seen Daryl Stuermer and Mike Rutherford use them.  I was intrigued by the shape and design and suspected there was something special about these guitars.  Later, when I saw Eddie Van Halen and Vito Bratta both using these guitars I knew I had to get one.  Unfortunately, life got in the way.
About two years ago I started looking into getting a used Steinberger.  I found a guitar shop out west that seemed to specialize in Steinbergers.  I reached out to them and we had a few conversations via email, but nothing came of that.  Overall, I was disappointed with the experience.  Then I found Headless USA and Don Greenwald and everything changed.  Don called me immediately!  The conversation was night and day compared to my other experiences.  What a refreshing change.
Don and I spoke about the guitars in his collection and what I was looking to purchase.  He responded quickly to calls and emails.  When the right guitar arrived, we arranged a meeting for me to try the guitar as I never had played a Steinberger.  Maybe I would be disappointed in the way it played?  When I arrived, the guitar was waiting for me, tuned and plugged into an amp, ready to go.  I just need to pick it up and try it out.  I immediately fell in love with this guitar.  The fretboard and action is amazing.  The guitar hangs off you in perfect balance.  It truly is a pleasure to play.  I kick myself for not getting one sooner.  What capped this experience was Don’s choice of picks. PERFECT!
If you’re on the fence, debating whether or not to buy a Steinberger, stop and just do it.  This is THE BEST guitar that I ever bought.  And please buy it from Don and Headless USA.  You will not be disappointed.  Don has been spectacular throughout this purchase.  He has been extremely patient with me.  He has immediately responded to questions with thoughtful, honest answers.  His help and attention to detail has been second to none.

-Michael Wegrzyniak
Proud Steinberger Owner Since June, 2019
Hi Don,

I normally don’t write reviews but when someone goes way beyond the call of duty like you have I feel that other potential buyers should know of your brilliant service.

I ordered a GL4TA to replace a long lost instrument that my late farther had purchased with me when I was in my late teens. Needles to say parting with a considerable wad of cash to someone on the other side of the planet that I do not know is always a bit heart pounding. That said I took the plunge and pulled the trigger to get my dream guitar back and so the journey begins. Don is fantastic to deal with and has considerable knowledge about everything to do with Steinberger and the history of the company and a total gentleman to deal with. Before I purchased I reached out to Jeff Babicz to see what he thought of the instrument that he had restored and serviced. Jeff looked up the serial number and confirmed that the guitar was mint without any issues and I would not be disappointed.

I rang Don from Australia and talked to him about Steinberger and was impressed with the way he treated me. My god old fashioned service still exists !  Once the funds had cleared Don provided UPS tracking for me to follow. I could see my guitar travelling from point to point all the way to my door. My wife gave me a call to say my package had arrived and was in my music room. I was excited to get home from work to open the box. I walked in and there it was a perfect brown shipping box. I carefully opened the top to see layers of bubble wrap and packing material honestly I have never in my life seen a better packed product period it could have gone round the world 30 or 40 times without being damaged. It took me best part of 5 min to extract the guitar from the shipping box finally I got the case out of the box and low and behold there she was. The guitar was beyond perfect in every way. I would call it a time capsule instrument as it looked better than brand new seriously that is no joke. I removed the fret guard ( nice touch ) and just stared at it trying to find a flaw there was none it was beyond perfect. Don also included all the case candy and original documentation that would have come from the factory when new. I plugged it in and time stopped for about 5 hrs and the rest is history this guitar will be used on the daily and always remind me of my dad and how we struggled together to buy one back in the day. I would like to thank Don and Jeff personally for outstanding service and dedication in keeping the original Steinberger dream alive.

When I was a young man, I played mostly acoustic in small combos, and I dreamed of owning a Gurian jumbo Rosewood guitar. I never bought one, however, because I just didn’t have the cash. You know how it is being young. Eventually, I started playing electric and played in a big band for a couple of years. I had to scrape together every penny I had, even selling my college ring, to buy an Ibanez George Benson hollow body for the gig. I love that guitar and I still play it to this day, but it wasn’t really my dream electric. I didn’t really have a dream electric. In any event, after playing for years and recognizing how difficult it was to make a living playing, I went in a different direction. I used my math background to get a job in the software industry, and my playing days were behind me.

Fast forward about 40 years, and I suddenly have both a lot of free time to play again and some disposable income on my hands. Of course, the first thing I did was buy a Gurian jumbo Rosewood. It’s a beauty and as much a joy to play as I had imagined all those years ago. I wanted to buy a solid body electric too, but I didn’t have a “dream” instrument and therefore didn’t know what to buy. I played all kinds of electrics to see if I could find one that really screamed “buy me,” but nothing really hit the mark. Then, one day, I found a sort of make-shift Steinberger with an M-style body. I say make-shift because it was made from a combination of authentic Steinberger parts and knock-off parts. I call it my Frankenberger. I absolutely fell in love with the authentic Steinberger neck. I’d never played anything like it. It was then I knew that my dream guitar was going to be an authentic, top-to-bottom Steinberger. I did a little research and identified two configurations that I liked, the GM7 and the GM4, preferably with the trans tremolo.

I started looking around and remembered Headless USA and Don Greenwald from my purchase of a hard shell case for my Frankenberger. I called Don, and I think he was as excited as I was about hooking me up with a GM4 or GM7. It turns out, he had several that were ready to go, but when he said he had a GM7TA in a Cherry Sunburst finish, I started drooling. He sent me some photos, and I was sold. There it was, my dream Steinberger. I ordered it and waited anxiously for it to arrive. Unfortunately, it arrived late on a Friday night, and I wasn’t able to unbox it until the following morning. I got up early the next day because I had a band rehearsal that morning anyway, and opened it up. The first blush was unreal. It was absolutely beautiful. I started playing it to warm up for rehearsal and 5 hours later, I finally put it down. It’s an incredible instrument. If you’ve never played a Steinberger neck, you owe it to yourself to find and try one. Then there is the sonic palette. The GM7 comes with two EMG humbuckers, at the bridge and neck positions, and one EMG single coil in the middle. Even better, you can split the humbuckers to get a Strat-like three single coil sound. With a five way switch and a coil splitting toggle, you can coax a lot of sounds out of this instrument. Finally, there’s the trans-tremolo, something Steinberger made famous. I’m in learning mode with the trans-trem as I’ve never used one, but it’s capabilities are unreal. There is just nothing about this instrument that I don’t love, and I am grateful that Don had it, did such a nice job of restoring it, and was willing to part with it. I actually got the feeling that Don was a little reluctant to part with this guitar as he seemed to have a special affinity for it.

Bottom line is that I’m a happy camper with a beautiful Steinberger GM7TA, and I know where to go for all things Steinberger: Headless USA.

-Gary Falacara
It was many years ago, when I first heard about Don Greenwald. It was right after I had tried to buy a white Steinberger GL4T on eBay. The guitar was located in Hawaii, and it was in practically new condition. The price was already quite high , but one minute before the end of the auction I decided to put an even higher bid on it, telling myself that nobody else could possibly pay any more than I would. Everything was fine except that four seconds before the end of the auction, a higher bid was made and it was already too late for me to bid again. I understood that day that these guitars were becoming very, very sought after…....

The next day, I received an e-mail from a fraudulent internet hacker telling me that the winning bid had been cancelled, and that the guitar was again available for sale to me at my last bidded price, so I e-mailed the "real" seller and he confirmed that the guitar was, in fact, truly sold. The buyer was actually..Don Greenwald. A few days later I received an email from Don which began like this:

"Dear Maurice,
My name is Don Greenwald and I am an avid collector of Steinberger guitars and basses. I have acquired a nice collection of these instruments. I live in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. which is about 20 miles from Newburgh, N.Y., which is where most of the Steinbergers were manufactured. I owned a retail music store here for about 20 years and I was an authorized Steinberger dealer. I used to visit the factory on a regular basis, either to bring artists in to meet with Ned Steinberger or just to watch the factory operations. I have actually been involved in the guitar business for over 35 years. My first guitar job was working for a small shop in Red Bank, N.J. in the early 1970's, which was called 'Guitar Trader'. This was one of the earliest vintage guitar shops in the USA."

I answered Don that I would really like to get another white GL4T, since I couldn’t get the one that was on eBay, and Don was actually able to find me a very beautiful one. So I then began to purchase a few more Steinberger guitars, and added this brand to my guitar collection. A year later when I was visiting in NYC, I met with Don for lunch at the Carnegie Deli, where we talked a lot about guitars and Steinbergers.

Everytime I have an unusual or difficult question about Steinbergers, I ask Don, who always has the right answers. Now that I have a few more Steinbergers, I really do love these great guitars.

A few months ago Don called me and proposed to me to be involved in the acquistion of two GL2 hardtails in NOS condition and still in the original Steinberger shipping cartons! I told him that: “I am in”, as I knew he had already obtained one like this, and these two were from the same source. It was a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to get a GL2 hardtail in new condition, so I could not pass it up.

Don is a real professional. His descriptions of his instruments are accurate, and all of the aspects of his guitars are reviewed and nothing is forgotten. He is one of the few who knows the real value of the word “mint”. He is a great person and a good friend.



After almost a year of eBay and Google searches for the elusive Newburgh-era white Steinberger XM2 bass with black binding, I finally threw my hands in the air and braved the spammy waters of craigslist where I posted a "wanted to buy" ad. A day later, I received an email from Don saying, "Give me a call! I think I have what you're looking for!" The rest is history.

I would soon have my prized white XM2 in hand. And wow, what a specimen! To say "minty" would be an understatement. "Pristine" comes a little bit closer. With the addition of some LaBella Tapewound Flats, I was in heaven! What a truly remarkable instrument!

This didn't come off without a small snag, however, and I'm not afraid to admit that this 20+ year old instrument had a minor issue upon receipt. With that being said, it is not the problem that defines a is how a vendor RECTIFIES a problem that truly matters. Don was extremely concerned (even a little embarrassed) and anxious to make things absolutely correct for me. I immediately shipped the bass back to him and received her back 3 days later in PERFECT working condition. I couldn't be happier with the level of customer service that I received. Kudos to Don and Jeff Babicz for taking such caring, fast, and professional action!.
Since my first contact with Don, we have had many more colorful conversations, and even though we have never met face to face, I do consider him a friend. Keep up the outstanding work Don, and good luck with Headless USA! The site looks fantastic!

Paul Pelletier
Boston, USA
I have known Don Greenwald since 1980 when he owned Rainbow Music in Poughkeepsie New York, and I was a college student. I bought several vintage Fender guitars and amps from him.

In 1983, when Steinberger released their guitar, Don called me and said that one of his employees was using the guitar. He said that it was amazing, that Ned Steinberger was a genius, and that I should try one. He was right. I bought my first Steinberger guitar a few months later.

Don also made an appointment for the two of us to visit the factory. I met Ned Steinberger and Jeff Babicz, and they invited me to pick out an instrument to purchase. That was the first of several factory trips over the years. Don was my liaison, and he helped me get what I needed from Steinberger, even when that meant producing instruments that they did not officially offer. Now that's customer service!!

Between 1984 and 1993, I bought four Steinberger guitars from Don including my first double-neck Steinberger.

He knows the instruments, and really makes an effort with all of the details, from the guitar itself, to a fair and honest transaction.

It's great to have a single place to go for information, parts, and specialized service.

Best of luck Donny!!

Steve Hayden
I just wanted to thank you deeply for the inspiring guitar and equally inspiring service you provided to me.  The entire process of getting my "dream-guitar", a guitar I've been hoping to own for about 19 years was smoother and more confidence inspiring than I could have imagined.  Even with spending a good amount of money on an instrument, sight unseen, when I opened the case, plugged in and played this guitar...  It was leagues beyond my wildest expectations!  You and Jeff are an incredible team.  Your superb customer service and knowledge gave me the confidence to buy and Jeff's sublime restoration work is beyond belief.  My brother, who is a classical musician as well as an electric guitarist couldn't believe this was a 1988 instrument...  Looks brand new.  One of the nicest fret jobs I have ever seen on any guitar.  Perfect intonation.  Perfect action.  Incredible sound and perfect trans-trem behaviour with return-to-zero.  A dream.  The TKL case is beyond fantastic and I would have been a fool NOT to take your advice there! 
What a steal!!  I really can't find enough nice words for your service and your expert service of Steinbergers and will recommend you to any musicians looking for a serious guitar.  Thanks again!!
Feel free to use this testimonial, it's been a distinct pleasure to wake up EVERY day since this thing arrives and I want to play more than ever.

Wow.  Wow.  Wow.......
(By the way, my sick father really enjoyed checking out the trans-trem- he thought it was ingenious and I'm so glad i had it shipped here and not Japan- heading back next week!)

I've attached one photo of it that I took here, but will send some more with it in a Japanese environment ;-)



WOW!  I've been up all night playing it.  I am truly blown away.

A little back story:

Over the years I have been through a couple of XL2s and an L2 with HAZ Labs electronics.  I was never very satisfied with the sound of those, but more importantly, I was never satisfied with the way the neck felt in my hand.  I attributed that to the rather fat neck profile.  Out of shear ignorance, I let them all slip through my hands.

One day I happened across #385 and was immediately blown away by the sound, but again disappointed by the play-ability.  Sound won.

Now I get it.  Nothing plays like a vintage Steinberger with a proper setup and fretwork.  Also, Jeff's magic altered the string tension, which has a lot to do with the amazing play-ability IMHO.  No luthier in this town could have done any of this, nor would they even try.  Perhaps you should highlight these facts in your marketing collateral?

Thanks again - I am one super-satisfied customer.



November 2018
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