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Shipping Steinberger’s with our method is quite safe due to their small size and rugged construction. Please follow these simple instructions for shipping your instrument to us. If you are shipping in the Steinberger gig-bag, place any associated paperwork including all of your contact info in the accessory area. Please bubble-wrap the tremolo arm and place it in the accessory compartment also.
Place the instrument in its bag. Wrap the entire bag with a layer of bubble-wrap and plastic tape.

When you've finished wrapping it up, repeat this step once again and wrap another layer of bubble-wrap around the entire bag. You will now have two layers of bubble-wrap surrounding your instrument, and you will now have a very safe "Steinberger cocoon".
Get a large enough cardboard box that it will allow you to package your "cocoon" with a few inches of packing material surrounding it on all sides. If you don't have a large cardboard box, your local music store can be a great source for these.
For packaging, you can use plastic peanuts, newspaper, bubble-wrap or any combination of these materials such that when you tape the box closed and shake it, nothing moves. We prefer shipments with UPS whenever possible, as they hold our packages for us.
Bring to your local UPS Customer Center or UPS Store and ship BY UPS ONLY to:
Don Greenwald
UPS-Hold For Pickup
41 Fireman’s Way
Poughkeepsie NY 12603
As all of these incoming instruments are going to a UPS hub, they WILL NOT accept packages from any other carrier.
Remember to insure your package IN FULL and I also recommend that you ask for their "signature on delivery" option when shipping. If you are NOT able to use UPS and are shipping by "regular" post (USPS) or FedEx, please contact us for further instructions.
Also, please send me the tracking number upon shipment. I will contact you as soon as your instrument arrives.
Any questions at all, please feel free to phone me at:
Office: 845-485-4711
Cell: 203-395-8013
Best regards,
Don Greenwald