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steinbergers currently available for sale from headlessusa

Below are the vintage Steinbergers we currently have listed for sale on eBay and Reverb. You may click on a photo for a larger view.  If you are interested or have any questions at all, please CONTACT US with the model and serial number of the guitar in question. All prices do not include shipping or sales tax (if applicable).


Do you recognize this handsome young man? No, he is not that famous X-rated star, "Buck Naked". Available now at HeadlessUSA is the world's rarest Steinberger prototype bass. This bass was Ned's earliest attempt at a carbon-graphite, neck-through-body bass guitar. This instrument will most certainly one day reside in a museum, as it exhibits Ned's earliest concepts of a totally new and breakthrough design for the electric solid-body bass. We've named it the "Platypus" because it's so unusual in appearance, yet, one can see Ned's imagination at work, as he re-thinks all of the most critical factors in modern electric bass design.
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L2 LEFTY #1073   -   $3795

A stunning left-handed Steinberger L2 Brooklyn labeled bass. Original lefty L2 basses are very scarce and to find one in this condition is amazing... 
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L2LF BASS #003   -   $3795

An amazing Steinberger L2LF (lined fretless) bass. Serial number 003!!! This is one of the very first production L2's ever built. This L2 lined fretless bass has some features that totally differentiate it from the later versions. The early EMG pickups with large EMG logos and the "TV" type control knobs.
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GS7ZA #N13365   -   $3295

Now available at HeadlessUSA, an extremely rare and original USA-built white Steinberger GS7ZA guitar. A very scarce Steinberger model, and finding a near-mint all-original Newburgh, NY- built example like this one is amazing.
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