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TransTrem Calibration Tool

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This Steinberger TransTrem calibration tuning key is a tool that our customers have been asking us about for many years, so we searched and searched and finally located a machine shop with the talent and the patience to manufacture it for us to the exact specifications of the original. We contacted machine shops in Canada, Germany, Poland, and in various locations in the USA to no avail, and wouldn't you know that the people who finally came through for us were located in Newburgh, N.Y! Since vintage examples of this tool have sold for as much at $75.00 on e-bay, we decided that it was time to bring them back.

For those of you who are lucky enough to own one of these amazing Steinberger transposing tremolos, you are well aware of how difficult it is to adjust the TransTrem calibration jaws on your guitar, as a flat head screwdriver just slips off while you're making your tuning adjustments. These won't! They are the same type tools that were used by the technicians at the Steinberger factory when setting up the new TransTrem guitars before shipment. Steinberger began providing their customers with this tool with every TransTrem equipped guitar that they shipped, but everyone seems to have misplaced or lost their original equipment TT tools.

This project was overseen by Jeff Babicz, former head of production at the Steinberger factory in Newburgh, N.Y. Jeff made sure that these new tools are an exact detailed replica of the originals from the factory. No expense was spared in the re-development of this part, which is produced from 304 Stainless Steel and will provide a lifetime of tuning pleasure.
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