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Steinberger Neck Plate


$49.99 each
Shipping within the U.S.   -   $5
International Shipping   -   $20
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includes neckplate and 5 mounting bolts
Here's an example of another part that we've been pleased to replicate. From time to time we would need one of these backplates for a repair or a restoration and we could never seem to locate one. When we were able to finally track one down, we had to pay between $75 and $100, which seemed a bit crazy.

So we had our local machine shop manufacture a perfect reproduction for us that is identical to the original. It is the exact same dimensions as the neckplates that were used on the original Newburgh-issued Steinberger GM series guitars. We're also including the correct mounting bolts so you don't have to search those out. To our knowledge, we are the only company that is offering this part.
** For Steinberger GM guitars or use on your custom axe! **
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