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THE ORIGINAL STEINBERGER folding guitar stand


Shipping within the U.S.   -   $15
International Shipping   -   $35

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a totally unique foldable stand that would hold any Steinberger guitar or bass, and it was so compact and light that it would easily fit into the accessory compartment of virtually any instrument gig-bag or case. Impossible to find for the last 35 years, we recently discovered a stash of these amazing stands, still in their original Steinberger labeled packages. Very high quality construction and manufactured in the USA.

Extremely well engineered and strong, yet very lightweight and compact. Thanks to it's great design, it will securely hold not only the USA Steinberger guitars and basses, but also any of the Steinberger Spirit guitars, basses, Hohner headless guitars and basses, plus many of the other headless instruments on the market today.

These stands are in stock and ready to ship. Availability may be limited to inventory on hand, so don't dawdle. Folded dimensions are approx: 14" x 7" x 1" and weight is 14 ounces. We also carry a less expensive Steinberger stand, but it will ONLY fit original USA-built Steinberger guitars and basses that feature the carbon-fiber neck construction. See here for these more affordable stands.

*The instruments pictured in these photos are not included in this sale. They are for demonstration purposes only.
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*Instruments shown in the photos are not for sale.