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jcustom db 4-string bass bridge

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The bass bridge that all Steinberger bass players have been waiting for! We're proud to be the authorized USA distributor for the full line of products from JCustom manufacturing. To our knowledge, this is the first time that an exact Steinberger DB replacement bridge has been offered for sale that will properly fit the original USA-built Steinberger basses. These bridges will fit on ALL of the USA-built XL2, XP2, XM2 and Q-series basses. This is a 4-string bridge with the unique drop-down lever that allows the player to preset his low E to tune down to an open D, or even an open B note (or anywhere in-between)! Installation is a very simple job for the "do-it-yourselfer" or you can have the work done by any competent guitar tech.

These bridges WILL NOT FIT the early Steinberger L2 basses. These bridges WILL NOT FIT ANY of the imported Steinberger copies, such as the Spirit or Hohner headless basses. Again, these bridges are only designed to be exact drop-in replacements on the original USA-built Steinbergers with the carbon-fiber neck construction. If your bass has a neck made of wood, this bridge will not fit.

Some of these original USA Steinberger basses used bolts for attaching the bridge to the body and some used wood screws. We are NOT providing any mounting hardware, as you should continue to use your original hardware with your new DB bridge. 

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includes JCustom DB bass bridge and 2 matching allen wrenches
Shipping within the U.S.   -   $10
International Shipping   -   $25
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Please contact us if you're not sure of which model bass you own.