Steinberger Guitar and Bass Stand

We've searched for years to find a professional quality stand that would have the ability to hold our beloved Steinberger guitars and basses. It seemed like a lost cause until recently, when we found these amazing stands. Very high quality aluminum construction. Very well engineered and strong, yet lightweight and compact. Because of it's nicely designed adjustability, it will securely hold not only Steinberger GL, GM, GP and GS guitars, but also the L2, XL2, XM2, XP2, and Q-series basses as well! See photos #4 & #5 to view the adjustability features. To top it all off, these are VERY affordable!

Does NOT fit Steinberger wide-5 string models, such as the Q5 or XL2 Wide 5 basses. Also, will NOT fit most of the imported (wooden neck) Steinberger guitar and bass copies like the Spirit bass and Hohner headless guitars and basses.These stands will only fit the original USA-built Steinberger guitars and basses with carbon-fiber necks. They are NOT designed to work with the modern (imported) Steinberger Synapse guitars, ZT3's and basses. If the neck of your instrument is made of wood, these stands WILL NOT FIT!

These great stands are manufactured by Peak Music Stands company and are the best quality and most perfectly engineered stands that we've ever found. They work with all of the unusual sizes of the Steinberger headless guitars and basses. Each stand ships in its own carrying bag and will become an indispensable tool if you play and travel with your Steinberger instruments. Folded dimensions are approx: 15" x 4" and weigh: 1 lb, 3 ozs. In stock and ready to ship.


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*NOTE: The instruments pictured in the photos above are NOT for sale