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steinbergers currently available for sale from headlessusa

Below are the vintage Steinbergers we currently have listed for sale on eBay and Reverb. You may click on a photo for a larger view.  If you are interested or have any questions at all, please CONTACT US with the model and serial number of the guitar in question. All prices do not include shipping or sales tax (if applicable).

GM7TA #TN16407   -   $5795

This stunning flame-top GM7TA just arrived and we're thrilled. One of the most beautiful of the "real" USA-built Steinberger guitars we've seen..
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GK2T #N14269   -   $7595

Kleinberger…. Utilizing the amazing one-piece carbon-fiber neck along with the perfect ergonomics of this unique body, it's truly the "best of both worlds".
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GM4T #TN16422   -   $6995

Many Steinberger fans believe that these last configuration GM's have the best combination of body sculpting, weight, access, and (occasionally) incredibly gorgeous woods...
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XM3 #N8910   -   $2995

A USA-built Steinberger XM3 bass in factory white finish. The XM3's feature the EMG P/J active pickups. This bass was one of the last of the USA-built Steinberger basses produced before Gibson finally "pulled the plug" on the Newburgh factory..
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GL2 Hardtail #1788   -   $5495

The very first 6-string guitars that Ned Steinberger designed were the GL2 hardtail models. With no tremolo system, these guitars have "sustain for days", and are highly coveted by collectors. An incredible and beautiful guitar in superb condition...
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XL2ALF #5135   -   $3195

A  gorgeous and near-mint, Newburgh/USA-built white Steinberger XL2ALF (lined fretless) bass...
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GL4TA #6613   -   $4995

Jeff refretted the neck, mirror-polished the frets, and serviced the electronics. He also rebuilt the original TransTrem with new bearings and spring and also burnished the roller saddles, so that it now transposes correctly and returns to zero accurately...
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Q4ADB #N11691   -   $2795

A rare white Q4 bass built in Newburgh..
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GM4TA #N7212   -   $4995

This GM4TA has the original one-piece carbon-fiber neck construction, the premium low-impedance EMG humbucking and single-coil pickups, and the amazing TransTrem transposing tremolo...
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XL2 #3943   -   $3595

A beautiful USA-built early XL2 bass in a black finish. This was the final "rendition" XL2 with the newly added flip-down leg-rest..
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XP2 #N3154   -   $2795

Steinberger's first bolt-on bass model, the XP2...
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L2 LEFTY #565   -   $5795

An early model left-handed Steinberger L2 bass. These Brooklyn labeled Steinberger L2 basses are considered by many bass aficionados as the best built and best sounding of all of the Steinberger basses that were ever manufactured..
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L2 #1424   -   $4595

This beautiful bass is in amazing near-mint condition and it will make a great addition to any serious Steinberger fanatic's collection..
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XM2ADB #N13884   -   $2995

A stunning example of a near-mint original white Newburgh built XM2ADB...
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GM1TA #N4695   -   $4495

An original first-issue Steinberger GM1TA in a beautiful black finish..
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XL2UF #5694   -   $3995

Available now is a gorgeous Newburgh/USA-built Steinberger XL2UF (unlined fretless) bass..