Eddie Van Halen 5150 Flaceplate

In the early 1980's, an incredibly gifted virtuoso guitar player fell in love with a little-known electric guitar. The player was Eddie Van Halen and the guitar was a Steinberger. One of the employees at the Steinberger factory, Jeff Babicz, was responsible for handling the artists who played these advanced technology Steinberger guitars.

Left, our replica EVH Steinberger GL2T. Note, the Randall amp in the photo is the original amp used at the Newburgh, NY Steinberger factory. Click HERE to view the original photo.

Eddie requested a "special" paint job, and Jeff decided to have the faceplate painted by a talented artist named Jim O'connor.

This iconic guitar can be seen in many photos of the time and also on Jeff's website at: Jeffbabicz.com. Luckily, Jeff kept in touch with Mr. O'Connor. Recently, Jeff and Jim had a chat about the "good old days" and after a number of conversations, Jim agreed to paint a VERY limited number of Steinberger faceplates with the same pinstripe color scheme and the iconic 5150 logo. These faceplates are a limited edition run and customers are required to send in their faceplates for this custom painting.

The workmanship by O'Connor is incredible, as these faceplates are perfect replicas of the original. If you desire one of these amazing re-issues, order soon as they will sell out fast.
Above, bench photos of our replica EVH Steinberger GL2T
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Replica Eddie Van Halen Faceplate with 5150 artwork.....

Currenty not available

Replica Eddie Van Halen Steinberger GL2T guitar with 5150 artwork.....

Currenty not available