Steinberger Tremolo Arms

HeadlessUSA is proud to offer these new tremolo arms designed for original Steinberger TransTrem guitars and also basic black arms for Steinberger R-trem vibratos. These TransTrem arms are referred to as the Version #2 type arms, and are (by far) the most common type of TransTrem arms in existence. These are built from high-quality materials and should last a lifetime. In stock and ready to ship. We now offer them in their original length, and also a slightly shorter version due to customer demand. If you're unsure which tremolo your guitar features, just contact us and we'll be happy to help you to determine which is the correct arm for your guitar. We're also now offering a basic black tremolo arm which will function for your Steinberger R-trem. These R-trems were installed on some Steinberger GR models as well as the Steinberger Spirit and Hohner headless tremolo models.
Note: None of these arms fit the recent Steinberger ZT3 guitars.


Tremolo Arms
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