Steinberger Tremolo Arms

We've spent years searching for a company with the talent and experience to manufacture replacement parts for us with the quality and accuracy of the original Newburgh, N.Y. Steinberger factory-issued parts. We contacted and tried working with companies in Canada, Poland, Korea, and some in the USA to no avail. We never would have expected that the best company was right here in our own backyard in Newburgh, N.Y!

We ordered Steinberger replacement tremolo arms from every company that we could find and all of them came up short. Either the metal wasn't high-quality, the sizing was wrong, or the machining was inaccurate. So we decided to build our own. These arms are produced from solid 304 Stainless steel stock that is incredibly strong and won't tarnish or rust. The knurled nuts are the correct size with nice rough edges for proper grip. The threading is all machined and not die-cut by hand like many of the others. Since the screw threads are accurate, the spinning nut moves smoothly and locks snugly.

Some of the issues that we ran into from other arms varied from "sloppy" screw threads to incorrect lengths of various sections of the arms. None that we found were truly accurate replicas of the originals. These highest-quality arms work perfectly and will last a lifetime. There is no better quality Steinberger arm on the market that we have seen and "we've seen them all". These arms are specific to the original Steinberger TransTrem Version #1 and #2, S-Trem, and the Bass TransTrem. Made in the U.S.A.
1 Ea, TT-V2 Steinberger TransTrem Tremolo Arm w Spinner Nut....$39.99
1 Ea, TT-Bass Steinberger Bass TransTrem Tremolo Arm w Spinner Nut....$59.95
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