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Below is just a small representation of the restoration work we do at HeadlessUSA. Please take a moment to view some of our "bench" snapshots by clicking on any thumbnail from the photo grids. Feel free to contact us if you have a headless guitar or bass which is in need of basic repair or a full restoration. For further information on repairs, you may be also interested in viewing our "Common Service Issues" page.
Our head technician is Jeff Babicz, who was employed at the original Steinberger factory in Newburgh, N.Y. for over 10 years and worked his way up through the ranks to become the senior production manager at the factory. For more info on Jeff's work at Steinberger Sound please click HERE.
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Above, a gelcoat repair on a Steinberger XL2 faceplate, along with a full body buff
A wide neck Steinberger Q5 in the shop for a complete restoraion...
Above, a Steinberger GL2S in for a refret, "S-Trem" rebuild, and a finish restoration
Above, a Steinberger GM4T (Newburgh) on the bench for a refret, TransTrem rebuild etc...
Above, a Steinberger XL2 White Lefty in the shop for a re-fret, and full restoraion
A GL Hardtail, red GP, GM7T, and Steinberger GP in the shop for repair and restorations....
Above, a Steinberger GL2T in for a refret, TransTrem re-build, along with gelcoat repairs
A rare wide five-stirng L2 Steinberger in for restoration, plus a Q bass and a TT1 GL2T on the bench
Above, Steinberger X2L5, GM7TA, and GM4TA restorations
A Newburgh Steinberger GL412 (twelve-string) in the shop for a near mint restoraion. Note the rare single knob "TracTuner" design
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