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Below is just a small representation of the restoration work we do at HeadlessUSA. Please take a moment to view some of our "bench" snapshots by clicking on any thumbnail from the photo grids. Feel free to contact us if you have a headless guitar or bass which is in need of basic repair or a full restoration. For further information on repairs, you may be also interested in viewing our "Common Service Issues" page.
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Above, a complete restoration of a very early Brooklyn made Steinberger L2 bass. This instrument had an aftermarket thumb-rest bolted to the faceplate, which we removed and gelcoated the bolt holes. Other items included in the project included: Bridge elevation adjustments, body gelcoat repairs "Brooklyn Brush” finish application, fret dress and misc electronic repair work etc...
Above, a Steinberger XM2 White (Newburgh) in for a re-fret, and a full restoraion. This one is a stunner!
Above, an original Newburgh Steinberger GM in for a complete restoration....
Above, a sweet Newburgh Steinberger GM4T in the shop for a re-fret, and a rare Steve Klein Steinberger on the bench for a TransTrem re-build. Note the solid Amazon rosewood neck on the Kleinberger!
Two Steinberger's in on the restoraion bench. A Newburgh GL2T White and Newburgh a GM1T Black....
A beautiful Newburgh Steinberger GM4-12 String in for a full restoration and set-up. Note the rare satin GM1T in the background of the last photo!
Three amazing Steinberger's in the shop for complete restoraton work: Two GL4T's and an unlined fretless bass in white!
Above, a Steinberger XL in the shop for full restoration, including a gelcoat repair
Another XL in for a re-fret, bridge re-build, and electronic work
An eary Newburgh Steinberger GL2T, version 1 TransTrem, on the restoration bench
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