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Refinishing Services

HeadlessUSA is proud to offer professional refinishing as one of its many restoration services. Whether you'd like us to replicate an original factory color or you'd prefer us to create a one-of-a-kind custom finish, we are ready to fulfill your requirements.

Since we have hundreds of Steinberger guitars and basses in stock, we are able to perfectly match all original factory colors, or we can help you to create your dream design, from an EVH style pinstripe, to a never before seen custom graphic.

Please feel free to CONTACT US if you'd like to discuss any refinishing work that you may be interested in. Turn-around times are very reasonable and our pricing is extremely competitive. We pride ourselves in the quality of our finishes, as our workmanship is world-class. Please review the following photos of some of the many custom projects that we have produced over the recent past.

Feel free to call the Headless Hotline at 203-395-8013 with any questions, or EMAIL US  if you are looking for a quote.  
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Before & After
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Ice Blue
Before & After
Before & After