JCustom Steinberger R-Trem Vibrato - For Steinberger Spirits, Hohners & GR4's!!

Now in stock! Leave it to those guys at HeadlessUSA, along with their friends at JCustom, to finally replicate the super popular (and very affordable) Steinberger R-trem 6-string tremolo. This is an exact replica of the famous Steinberger R-trem that Ned Steinberger designed back in the Newburgh, NY. era. To our knowledge, the is the first time that an exact replica of the R-trem has been manufactured. These are NOT the cheesy (and unusable) "Overloard of Music" Chinese copies that are advertised elsewhere.
The R-trem was first used on the USA-built GR guitar series. Then it was installed on many/most of the Steinberger guitar replicas, such as the Steinberger Spirits, Hohner headless guitars, plus many others. It is a knife-edge pivot vibrato that allows for extreme dive-bombing and other popular tremolo effects. As always with Ned's great tremolo designs, it also features a locking system, which locks the bridge into a fixed-bridge arrangement. This allows for greater tuning stability when bending strings and will also keep your guitar in tune if/when a string breaks. This is also the only tremolo that Ned designed that can easily be used by either a right-handed or left-handed player, as there are tremolo bar openings on both sides of the tremolo. 
We're proud to be the USA authorized distributor for the full line of great products from JCustom manufacturing. See our other eBay ads for their amazing XS-trem, DB bass bridge, FX bridge and more. Installing this tremolo is a simple job of removing the worn out original and installing the new. This is an easy job for the "do-it-yourselfer" or you can have the work done by any competent guitar tech. Each tremolo ordered will include the matching black tremolo arm plus the proper allen wrench for adjustments. Mounting screws are NOT provided, but are easily sourced from your local hardware store. The guitar in two photos is not included or for sale. Only for display.  


JCustom R-Tremolo Bridge....$219.99