Steinberger Vintage Hardshell Cases Deluxe....GM, GR, XL2, L2, and GL Models

Leave it to those guys at HeadlessUSA to locate the original case manufacturer for the Steinberger hardshell cases and have them build perfect replica cases. These are brand new, factory fresh cases made by one of the worlds top case manufacturers. This "deluxe" version case has the plush form-fit interior, which holds the guitar firmly in place to avoid any possible movement. Each case features a middle hasp that will allow you to add a combination or key lock to keep prying hands away from your treasured instrument.

Many Steinberger afficiandos prefer this "traditional plywood" type case, as the original soft gig-bags offered very little protection for their valuable instruments. These robust hardshell cases are designed to fully protect your investment-grade bass or guitar. The exterior is covered with a high-grade tolex-type covering, while the inside is a beautifully soft and cushioned plush material. Also includes a large storage compartment for all of your accessories. The bass case fits the early version Steinberger L2 basses as well as the later XL2 model basses. The guitar case fits all of the Steinberger GL model guitars. The GM case will fit Steinberger GM and R series guitars.

The bass case will also hold the Steinberger Spirit basses and the Hohner headless basses. The guitar case will also hold the Steinberger Spirit guitars, as well as the Hohner headless guitars.

*These cases will NOT fit the recent Synapse or ZT3 model instruments.

Hardshell Case for Steinberger GM/GR Guitars

New Steinberger Vintage Type GM/GR Hardshell Case-Deluxe Model w/ Formfit Interior....$179.99

Hardshell Cases for Steinberger XL2/L2

Hardshell Cases for Steinberger XL2/L2 Basses Deluxe Model w/ Formfit Interior....$179.99 (*Also Fits Spirits)
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Hardshell Case for Steinberger GL

Hardshell Cases for Steinberger GL Guitars Deluxe Model w/ Formfit Interior....$169.99 (*Also Fits Spirits)