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Replacement Steinberger Bass Jaws

Purchase of 1 jaw includes:
1 bass jaw
1 threaded rod
2 metal thrust washers
1 nylon thrust washer
We'll also include one free tube of professional lubricating grease with every order!

The metal bass jaws for vintage Steinberger basses are the most common broken parts that we see here at the HeadlessUSA Steinberger Guitar & Bass Restoration Center. Unfortunately, the metal used for the original string jaws was of very low quality, so they invariably begin to fail over time. We have purchased, examined and studied many different examples of modern replacement jaws over the years, and we've always found the modern replacements lacking in some important aspect. Either the metal work was not professionally cast, or the size specifications were not quite correct, and some were even the wrong color!

So, once again, we "bit the bullet" and began to research and design our own jaws. We are in the enviable position of having the former head of production at the original Newburgh Steinberger factory as the designer of these new parts, and the quality of these jaws is simply amazing. Jeff Babicz undertook the task of overseeing this project, and the results were well worth the wait.

Our jaws are made from solid billets of high-carbon steel for maximum strength and durability and should last the lifetime of your bass. Jeff has worked on hundreds of these bridges over the years and has determined that the best solution for smooth operation and minimum wear is a combination of both metal and plastic washers. He has also found that these moving parts must be lubricated to insure the best quality of operation, so we are including a container of professional lubricating grease with every order at no charge.

For this first product release, we are offering quantity discounts for our customers. You can purchase as many sets as you'd like, depending on how many jaws on your bridge need to be replaced.
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"IT LIVES!!!!! I want to thank you personally after receiving a Set of Bass jaws I ordered a couple weeks ago.

For the first time since picking up a 90's XQ Bass with a DB bridge over 5 years ago I FINALLY got to hear/feel what this Monster can do!

As a guitar player who only dabbles on bass the odd time, I picked up this bass with malfunctioning jaws with the intent of fixing it (who knew it would be so hard to locate OEM parts). As such I put it in it's gig bag in my closet and forgot about it, that is until I acquired a '69 Ampeg B-15N. While searching for a reasonably priced used bass I remembered I had the XQ sitting in my closet, pulled her out and scoured the net for parts once again. That is when I came across your site. I must say that after Finally being able to tune up this bass and play it that no wonder why people look for these things! Even my brother agrees (who is a Bass player and plays mainly Stingrays) that it is a Tonal MONSTER with action/playability next to none other!

Thanks again and I'm glad someone is keeping these things alive!

Keep up the good work!"

- Mitch